Hormone Replacement Therapy


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy? SottoPelle® Hormone Replacement Therapy can achieve the healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone your body needs. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy using pellets replenishes what is lost in the aging process, by using the identical hormones your body created when you were healthy and in your prime.  In menopause and andropause, the ovaries and testicles slow down their production of estrogen and testosterone until they reach a point where they are unable to keep up with demands of the body. The pellets work in partnership with your body to provide its needs.

How do I find out more? Dr. Sekine is the only trained SottoPelle physician in northeast Florida. Dr. Sekine specializes in perimenopausal and menopausal complaints such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, low sex drive, cloudy thinking, and lack of motivation. For additional information, call 904-262-5333 or go to www.northfloridahormonetherapy.

Watch this video as Dr. Sekine explains Menopause’s effects, symptoms, and treatment options.