We provide excellent pregnancy plans and care for our obstetrical patients


Our obstetrical services include pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care plans for both normal and high-risk pregnancies.

Obstetrics services include:

  • Pre-pregnancy assessment and counseling
  • Repeated early pregnancy loss (Recurrent miscarriage)
  • Early pregnancy genetic counseling
  • Low risk pregnancy with the expectation of normal uncomplicated birth
  • Pregnancy beyond 35 years of age
  • High risk pregnancy care; multiple pregnancies
  • Pregnancy complicated with high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), or diabetes
  • Women with pre-existing medical problems (thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, kidney disease, cardiac disease)
  • Operative obstetrics, caesarean section

Dr. Wilkes discusses the causes and effects of postpartum depression, and how prevalent it is in women. After explaining how to see the signs, she discusses exactly what options we can provide to our patients.




If you wish to seek our obstetric or gynecologic services, or if you wish to seek consultation, please call (904) 262-5333 to schedule an appointment.